Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ooh I've been tagged in one of those 8 questions thingys. This comes from the lovely Erin over at Luck and Bliss

1. Is there anything you feel nekkid without? (aside from clothes!)
Not really. It used to be that my feet looked so very wrong without nail polish. But I had my fav red on a few weeks back for the first time in forever and that looked wrong!. I think I'm meant to be a nekkid innocent (ahem)

2. Books, magazines, games, comics, pieces of art that made you who you are today?
Pretty much every book I have ever read. I adore books and they have all contributed. Notable ones are the entire vampire chronicles, girlfriend in a coma, prozac nation, lost souls, harry potter and wuthering heights. I'm getting a real love of graphic novels these days and The Crow is one of my favs. Art wise anything my Caravaggio, he leaves me breathless. Standing in front of Botticelli's Venus was cool but I preferred his Annunciation. The folds of cloth on the angel Gabriel's robe are exquisite. Michelangelo's sculpture La Pieta made me cry and I will carry the moment I first saw it to my grave.

3. Monkey or Robot? Which would you rather have?
Can I have a robot monkey? No? Ok then I go with money. In a time of chimpanzees I'd be a monkey :o)

4. Food you make when the poop hits the fan? Do you cook/eat for comfort?
I am a total comfort eater. One of my fall backs when I was younger was bread slathered in coleslaw. The all purpose turn to for all scenarios, good and bad, is ice cream though. There is nothing in this universe that vanilla ice cream cannot fix!

5. How did you meet your sweetie? Is it romantic? (Will I need a tissue?... no really, I cry at everything).
We met on MySpace. He sent me a message randomly on the first evening of a week I had off work. We "spoke" for 8 hours that night and it continued like that all week. That was in the March and by the April we had met up. He lived a rain journey away at the time. After that I went down every weekend. By the end of June he had moved in with me temporarily and I never got rid of him. That was 4 years 4 months ago and I love him more everyday.

These next two are the same as Andreae's

6. Do you have a life plan, or do you just sort of truck along?
There is a desired destination. But the journey is one big truck. I had all these plans, as young girls do, none of which have happened on the timescale I set and one of which has totally gone by the wayside. Life is fluid so I try to not be so rigid. Doesn't always work.

7. Would friends of the teenage you recognize the current you? Would you still get along?
I think they would recognize me but be quite shocked. I don't think anyone pegged me as a farmer who bakes her own bread and sews her own clothes. I don't speak to many people who knew me as a teen but those I do I love dearly.

8. Could you show me something pretty? Please?
Pretty? Ok here you go. I took this at one of the lochs in Scotland. Can't remember which one.

And now my questions. I'm throwing this open to all my followers. Come on guys join in.
1. What film influenced you most?
For me it is Labyrinth. That film ruined me for life.

2. River or ocean?
it used to be ocean for me and I still think there is nothing finer than standing on a shore with the noise of the waves in your ears and salt stinging your nose. But I find rivers, particularly ones that rush, much more exhilarating.

3. Quote something and tell me what it means to you.

4. What is your favourite pudding? (I feel pudding says a lot about a person hehehe)

5. Do you still jump in puddles?

6. If you could be any insect what would it be?

7.What position would you hold in the human army when the Zombie apocalypse happens?
I've already been informed by my friend that I am going to be the cook!

My eighth is the same as Erin's as I loved it so.
8. Could you show me something pretty? Please?

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  1. OK I'll play but don't read too much into the answers,
    1 - Jaws, couldn't get me in the bath for days afterwards - still my favorite.
    2 - Ocean, the power and majesty just draws me like nothing else on this earth.
    3 - "Sadness flies away on the wings of time" - to me time is the healer that touches us all
    4 - Apple pie (homemade)
    5 - who wouldn't ?
    6 - Dragonfly, just amazing fliers and hunters to boot
    7 - Hopefully I'll be on holiday, other than that it'll have to be privateer (just don't like authority)
    8 - Mmmmm pretty eh? Just one word of a hundred in a thousand languages that describes the love for my wife.

    Hope that fits the bill.